Sunday, May 22, 2011

Clothes I'm Loving

Button-up tops. I absolutely love the classic look of these. I especially love the button-up tanks. They put a modern twist on a classic staple.

Ruffles. They're so girly and cute! I just adore them.You can make your own ruffle top with these tips:

High-waisted/printed shorts. They give a clean, put together look to an outfit. Floral prints also make for a nice, girly and springy look.

Rucksacks. I think these are just so cool. They're cute, fashionable, and classic. I really wish I had one!

Cropped tops. I think these are casually stylish. You can just wear one of these with a tank, skinny jeans, and TOMS, and you look fashionable!

TOMS. These are sooo comfortable and go with just about anything. I wear mine at least twice a week with outfit that range from dresses to running shorts and t-shirts.

Striped tops. I'm not usually a huge fan of stripes, but I've been growing fonder of them lately. I like a little bit of the nautical style, and this is just a very nice top.

Flower earrings. I really, really like these. They can go with so many different things and are a great accessory. Such a nice color, too!

Oxfords. I love the vintage style, and these go with it flawlessly. You can really make a beautiful vintage inspired look with these.

Floral/high-waisted skirts. As you can probably tell by now, I love floral and high-waisted bottoms :) They're just so classy and cute to me!

Cardigans. They can complete any outfit and keep you warm. I really love this color. It look springy and sweet to me.

Brown sandals. They go with any outfit in spring and summer, can be dressed up or down, and are a staple item.

Well! Now, you know all of the items I love and wish I had. That's pretty much my style in one post.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Style

Dot dress
$45 -

H M sequin top
15 GBP -

Steve Madden flat shoes
$59 -

Hobo International vintage bag
$128 -

TopShop cable knit scarve
$32 -

H M wayfarer shade

This is pretty much my style. I love pastel colors, dresses, ballet flats, and bags. I really love vintage items. My favorite places to shop are thrift shops. I really hope to own an outfit like this some day!